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About Leaf & Spoon

A Quick Thank You

First and foremost we’d like to thank you for visiting our site, and taking the time to get to know Leaf & Spoon. We take great pride in the hard work we put in to ensure that the highest quality of tea from around the world can be both accessible and affordable to our customers. Above all else, we want to provide a unique and personal tea experience that fosters a passion and enjoyment for tea that matches our own. To that end, we thank you for the taking the time to get to know us, and we hope to see you return!

Fostering a Communi-Tea

Here at Leaf & Spoon we want to be more than just a one-stop tea shop. Our vision from the beginning was to establish an interactive community comprised not only of tea lovers and connoisseurs, but also for those who are just discovering their passion and love for tea. We always encourage feedback from our customers in an effort to deliver the best tea experience possible to you, regardless of whether or not you choose to buy from us.

Creating a Lasting Experience

One common thread you’ll notice at Leaf & Spoon is our commitment to improving your tea experience. It is with this in mind that we value our customer service above all else in an effort to make sure your experience with Leaf & Spoon is a positive one. We encourage all of our customers to leave honest product reviews and general feedback, not only so we can ensure that the teas you enjoy most are always available, but also so that the entire Leaf & Spoon community can benefit from each individual experience.

Leaves From Around the World

Of course our mission also involves bringing together some of the freshest blends of tea from around the globe to provide our customers with a tea experience unlike any other. We’ve gathered leaves from India, China, France, Sri Lanka, Taiwan and many other countries to produce a collection of traditional favorites, and exciting new creations! We believe we have a blend that everyone will love, and we’re always looking to add new flavors to our increasing collection. If you’re brave enough, we encourage you to sample something new!

Our Commitment to You

Above all else, our priority lies with you. We believe we offer a unique tea experience to our customers on a personal level, and we are proud of the tea we serve to you. If you are unsatisfied with any part of your experience with us, we want to know! We are committed to providing an experience that is satisfying in every way possible, and will do our very best to ensure your satisfaction from the moment the tea leaf is picked, to the moment it fills your cup.