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Award Winning Starter Tea Pack

Award Winning Starter Tea Pack

Three award winning premium loose leaf tea blends create a distinctly different cross section of taste, just what you want in a sample collection. The quality and value this sampler offers makes this a spectacular gift for yourself and others.

Lemon Ginger Snap

A touch of the orient, this vibrant certified green tea is mixed with spicy ginger, contrasted by multiple lemon ingredients for a complementary combination.

Ginseng Oolong

A distinctive oolong that was lost in translation. Origin name is Renshen which crossed the ocean pronounced ginseng. This lightly oxidized green, rolled oolong is smothered in a licorice like coating that imparts a superbly sweet character in the cup. A complete departure from what we have come to expect of oolong tea this is a unique opportunity to broaden your tea horizons with this award winning tea. Please note we have taken the liberty of including ginseng root in the blend as we felt that calling “ginseng” and not containing ginseng seemed a bit “used car salesman.”

Meyer Lemon

Bold, black tea is thoughtfully layered with multiple citrus essentials and herbs resulting in a heavenly brew. 1st place in the most competitive category, flavored black, this exquisite combination is deserving of the accolades and is great hot or cold!

The sampler yields 30+ cups of tea

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