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Casablanca French Press Tea Maker

Casablanca French Press Tea Maker

by Grosche

The Casablanca is a French press tea maker that will produce the best flavor from any tea blend you put into it. Its unique design is both practical, and eye catching. With the open design of the Casablanca French press, it is perfect for making your favorite blends of loose leaf tea. Just put your tea in, add hot water, place the filter on the beaker without pressing it down and allow your tea to steep to perfection. Once your tea has steeped, press the filter down to control the steeping and separate the tea leaves from the tea, pour and enjoy! The Casablanca is easy to clean, does not require replaceable filters, and is dishwasher safe. Make the Casablanca the newest addition to your teaware collection today!
  • The Casablanca has a sleek and unique design that looks great in any kitchen
  • Made with a 34 fluid ounce capacity, this press is great for 2-3 cups of tea
  • All parts including the glass beaker, metal body and stainless steel filter are dishwasher safe
  • Secondary filter located in the lid allows for simple, precise steeping

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