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Citrus Burst Pu'erh Tea

Citrus Burst Pu'erh Tea

A succulent combination of exotic citrus fruits blended in just the right measure to create a fun, delicious cup of Pu?erh that is perfectly suited to serve friends and family.

Crisp, bright citrus notes are sweet and tart and are derived from all natural citrus essential oils in a multi step flavouring, blending process.

customers cannot get enough of this novel blend and we are excited to share this as one of our new house favourites!
  • pu'erh tea
  • natural flavours
  • lemon verbena
  • lemon grass
  • China
  • USA

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Steeping Guide
1 Teaspoon 212° 2-5 Minutes Medium Caffeine
Per 8 Ounces of Water