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Holiday Starter Tea Pack

Holiday Starter Tea Pack

Recipients of this lovely holiday sampler will be transported back in time with classic, calorie free, teas full of holiday flavor. Premium quality teas are combined with traditional ingredients like cinnamon, orange, pear and spice making this a tastefully good value and aromatic indulgence for all. Thoughtful gift for tea lovers.

All Starter Tea Packs come packaged in our premium Leaf & Spoon 1 ounce tea tins.

Pear Spice White

An intoxicating blend of superior bai mu dan organic white tea, spice, lush botanicals and natural pear. Vibrant, uncommon character captured the judge’s palates winning 1st place in the category. It is sure to be a winner in your collection too.

Orange Vanilla White Chocolate Black

Orange combined with vanilla and white chocolate, sensational! All the holiday indulgence you expect, sans the guilt. These exceptional ingredients make for a sweet, creamy treat in your cup. Careful you may not be able to stop.

Winter Mint Rooibos

A divinely subtle fusion of an amalgamation of ingredients, all naturally caffeine free. Rooibos, honeybush, vanilla, cinnamon, sweet and cassia, caramel, peppermint and spearmint infuse is this soothing relaxing quiet blend.

The starter tea pack yields 30+ cups of tea.

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