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Joliette Infuser Teapot

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Joliette Infuser Teapot

by Grosche

A unique and beautiful high quality Glass infuser teapot with an ultra fine polished stainless steel infuser. The Joliette is a perfect fusion of elegant design, and practical functionality coming together. The polished stainless steel infuser is not fragile like glass infusers, and the micro pores allow for a full and complete infusion unlike slit glass infusers. The tea will gain color and expand comfortably in this infuser giving you an elegant and high class tea experience. If you want an infuser teapot without having to worry about fragile infusers and lids then the Joliette is the choice for you, and is a must for anyone that enjoys gourmet loose leaf tea! We do not recommend using the Joliette Infuser Teapot on the stove top. We recommend boiling water in a kettle before pouring into the teapot. The Joliette is not designed for microwave use.
  • Premium glass infuser teapot with stainless steel infuser
  • A large teapot that brews over 42 ounces of tea, great for entertaining
  • Micro fine top grade infuser has micro mesh holes that allow teas to fully steep
  • Beautiful design allows for a visually stunning tea brewing experience as you watch your teas steep or bloom in front of your eyes

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