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Meyer Lemon Tea

Meyer Lemon Tea

With the zesty tart and citrus sweetness of its namesake, Meyer Lemon, this is a fresh look at an old classic. Meyer Lemon, a hybrid that combines the sweetness of orange and tartness of lemon, to create the perfect taste profile for a terrific cup of tea.

Layers of flavour are nicely supported with body and cup character in this base Indian Nilgiri black tea.

Perfectly suited to serve hot or cold evidenced by the 1st Place award received in the 2011 North American Tea Championship, Iced Tea flavoured Black Food Service Category. One refreshing, delicious sip and you will see why this tea stood out above the competition!
  • black tea
  • natural flavour
  • lemon peel
  • lemongrass
  • India

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Steeping Guide
1 Teaspoon 212° 2-3 Minutes More Caffeine
Per 8 Ounces of Water