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Munich Infuser Teapot

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Munich Infuser Teapot

by Grosche

Do you want a teapot without metal or plastic parts that doesnt leech in chemicals or leave an artificial taste? Are you looking for a glass pot that comes with a tea infuser to make gourmet loose leaf tea, or one with a removable infuser to make blooming teas? Well, the Munich Infuser teapot is the answer youve been looking for! This unique and elegant teapot is designed with high quality borosilicate glass that is safe for hot water teas, and has a light and easy pour. The teapot was designed with lead free glass that delivers a cloudless brew. The Munich brews up to 42 ounces and is perfect for both loose leaf and blooming teas! We do not recommend using the Munich Infuser Teapot on a stove top.

We recommend boiling water in a kettle before pouring into the teapot. This teapot is not designed for microwave use.
  • A classic and elegant design that comes with a removable infuser that can be used to steep loose leaf and blooming teas
  • Made with high quality borosilicate glass that is both light in weight, and heat safe
  • A sizeable 42 ounce capacity is perfect for an afternoon of tea brewing

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