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Oolong Starter Tea Pack

Oolong Starter Tea Pack

A breathtaking selection of traditional oolong teas appear here in a contemporary, fresh fashion. Three premium loose leaf teas all origin authentic and artful created to open the hearts and minds of flavored tea lovers everywhere by introducing an elevated flavored tea experience.

All Starter Tea Packs come packaged in our premium Leaf & Spoon 1 ounce tea tins.

Fig Formosa

Premium whole leaf highly oxidized oolong leaves from Taiwan are prepped with the sweet essence of fig flavor before undergoing the artful blending of tea and botanicals.

Hazelnut Vanilla

This traditional Ti Kuan Yin is an old world style tea from Anxi Mountain that has had the complementary addition of pure vanilla. Yes that’s right, rich amber, more heavily roasted, old school, Ti Kuan Yin is layered with pure vanilla and then blended with hazelnuts for a spectacular creamy cup.

Citrus Sorbet

Collecting the spring harvest of multiple farmers we start with an origin authentic Huang Jin Gui from Anxi Mountain. We then go through the arduous process of flavoring 3 separate batches of tea leaves, a method we have coined as “layering,” with various citrus essentials, allowing them to marry. Once the honeymoon is over we thoughtfully blend just the right amount of each creating this satisfying, bright, refreshing, exquisite cup of tea.

The starter tea pack yields 30+ cups of tea.

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Steeping Guide
1 Teaspoon 195° 2-4 Minutes Medium Caffeine
Per 8 Ounces of Water

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