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Pu'erh Starter Tea Pack

Pu'erh Starter Tea Pack

Three distinct varieties of our most popular Pu’erh teas will take you on a journey into the world of this ancient Chinese elixir thought to benefit the body. A modern twist on the taste of this historic brew. Exceptional value at a total yield of 30+ cups!

All Starter Tea Packs come packaged in our premium Leaf & Spoon 1 ounce tea tins.

Pu'erh Leaf

A classic, straight forward premium loose leaf Pu’erh. No bells and whistles just pure unadulterated tea.

Citrus Burst Pu'erh

We layer on multiple citrus essentials and then blend them together. This labor intensive method provides a phenomenal explosion of bright, crisp citrus that unfolds across the palate.

Chocolate Pu'erh

Addictive! Creamy dark chocolate is paired with the perfect back drop for an unrivaled cup of decadence.

The starter tea pack yields 30+ cups of tea.

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Steeping Guide
1 Teaspoon 212° 2-5 Minutes Medium Caffeine
Per 8 Ounces of Water

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