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Vienna Infuser Teapot

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Vienna Infuser Teapot

by Grosche

The Vienna Infuser Teapot will win you over with its unique and beautiful six-sided, hand-blown glass body. With a custom, extra-tall glass infuser and matching lid, the Vienna can't help but take center stage at any table setting. The Vienna features a 100% borosilicate glass body, with large panels that give a clear view of your infusing or blooming tea. Your loose leaf tea is steeped through an all glass infuser with thin slots in the bottom that allow the hot water to reach every nook and cranny of the leaves, extracting its full essence without dropping leaves into the pot. The lid for the Vienna will fit whether the infuser has been removed or not, allowing the clean lines and eye-catching design to remain even after you've finished steeping your tea.

We do not recommend using the Vienna Infuser Teapot on a stove top. We recommend boiling water in a kettle before pouring into the teapot. This teapot is not designed for microwave use.
  • A premium, hand-blown glass teapot with a beautiful design that provides a full view of steeped and blooming tea
  • Brews up to 40 ounces of tea in a unique, six-sided body with a wide base to sit securely on a table or counter top
  • Large handle with elegant spout specifically shaped for easy pouring and designed to prevent dripping
  • Comes with removable infuser, allowing for both loose leaf and blooming teas

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